ChinaAssociation for the Promotion of International Agricultural Cooperation isapproved by the State Council, registered in the Ministry of Civil Affairs andmanaged by the Ministry of Agriculture in 1998.

TheAim of CAPIAC:

Topromote domestic and international communication and cooperation inagricultural talents, technology, investment and information, among otheraspects. To expand service fields, improve cooperation levels, enlarge thescope of communication, deepen international cooperation in the agriculturefield. To promote Chinese agriculture to develop in a healthy, rapid andsustainable way. To improve the international impacts and market occupationrate of Chinese agriculture brands, to develop the agricultural economy of ourcountry in a comprehensive way.


Exhibitiondepartment, educational training department, standard committee, creativeagriculture development center, the Belt and Road agriculture developmentcenter.


AnimalWelfare International Cooperation Committee, Tea Industry Committee,Agricultural Technology Transfer and Industry Development Committee, FunctionalAgricultural Products Committee, Pets Industry Committee, ntegrationDevelopment of Three Industries Committee, Rural Revitalization Committee, Agricultural Products InternationalTrade Committee, Aquatic Products International Trade Committee.


Industrymanagement, professional communication, business training, internationalcooperation, consulting services, standard setting, exhibition, productrecommendation.