Tea Industry Committee

Tea Industry Committee

China Association for the Promotion of International Agricultural companys Tea Industry Committee (TIC, in abbreviation) is approved by CAPIAC and agreed by the supervision department. It is a national tea-related organization in this industry. It is a national, non-profit, professional social organization composed of the firms, public institutions and individuals in the tea industry, on a voluntary basis.   

The aim of the TIC is to start domestic and international communication and cooperation, to unite member institutions and major government departments, to unite companies, to unite companies and markets by promoting and implementing national constitutional, law, legal regulation and industrial policies. It acts as bridges and belts for the communication and cooperation between these sectors. It effectively uses capital, technology, information, talents, markets and management strengths abroad, improves the modernization level of the tea industry, improves the brand value of Chinese tea industry, promotes sustainable development of the tea industry. With the aim of service, self-discipline, coordination, development, it helps tea industry to grow in a healthy and fast way.

The Aim of the Tea Industry

Service, Self-discipline, Coordination, Development

Main Tasks

1. Representing industrial interests, maintaining the legal rights of the industry;

2. Be responsible for the coordination work of the tea industry, assisting and taking charge of part of the work entrusted by the major department of the government;

3. Reflect to the relevant national department the new situations and existing problems of each part of the tea production, transportation process. Come up with suggestions and advice to set the development plans of this industry;

4. Organize exhibitions of commodities, expand the market of tea products, coordinates and increase the association between members, promotes various shapes of cooperation and economic unions inside the industry;

5. Organize and collect, arrange and transmit domestic and international tea economic information and science technological information. Conduct market analysis, prediction, launch information communication activities and consulting services, provide decision references for the production and operation of a company;

6. Organize tea technology communication, product quality and scientific program dissertation, organize technological contests and production recommendation, promote industrial technological advances, improve the management level of the company;

7. Organize tea quality reviews, tea ceremony, tea production, processing and other professional techniques, skill cultivation, company management people training, improve the quality of manners of practitioners.

Business Scope

1. Use resources, capital, technology, information, talents and modernization management norms of various aspects, promote modern construction and development of the tea industry. Promotes the modern development of tea planting and the production and transmission of tea.

2. We conduct market investigation and research work, command the development status and trend of domestic and international tea industry, organize collection, sort and transmit domestic and international tea economic information and science technological information. We conduct market analysis, prediction, launch information communication activities and consulting services, provide decision basis for the production and operation of the company.

3. We organize technological communication, launch professional technology, skill training and the training for the management team of the company. We organize contests in technology and skills, organize the appraisal and promotion of technological fruits in this industry. We promote industrial technological levels and company’s management level. We work hard to guide tea companies to develop to the direction of intensive and large-scale operation, realizing the industrial operation of the tea industry.

4. We popularize the knowledge of tea commodities, promote the drinking values of tea, promote the tea culture of our country. By way of exhibition, special-topic lectures, printing promotion materials, compiling books, among other activities, we make tea known to more consumers. We improve the reputation of tea operation companies and tea commodities.

5. We enhance the connection with the same industry and association both domestically and internationally. We organize various communication activities between domestic and international tea companies.

6. We promote Chinese tea culture, strengthen the promotion of Chinese tea industry and tea industry development’s policy,achievements and experiences. We create a set of Chinese tea company brands, promote the international reputation of Chinese tea.   

7. We enhance international communication, actively promote domestic and international tea operating companies to launch various forms of international cooperation activities, organize domestic and international communication activities.

8. We assist relevant departments in the country to establish and accomplish the tea standard system and quality supervision system. We come up with the suggestions and opinions for plan of the industry and policy. We take part in the setting and revision for procedures for various standards, promoting the implementation of it.


Lu Mingyi     Former deputy editor in Chief in Farmers’Daily, deputy secretary general of China Association for the Promotion of International Agricultural Cooperation

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