International Cooperation Committee of Animal Welfare

China Association for the Promotion of International Agricultural Cooperation’s International Cooperation Committee of Animal Welfare (ICCAW) is a branch organization of CAPIAC. CAPIAC is authorized by the Ministry of Agriculture and registered in the Ministry of Civil Affairs in 2013. It is a professional social organization which aims at promoting animal welfare. It took 2 years for preparation before this association coming into being. The association received attention from various sectors in the society at the beginning of its foundation. The animal welfare expert team is becoming larger and larger on an ongoing basis. The experts’ domain expands from breeding to slaughtering, meat quality, transportation, brand building, among other directions. The establishment of the International Cooperation Committee of Animal Welfare improved our country’s farmland animal breeding rapidly.

. Business Scope

1. The Aspects of Standards: International Cooperation Committee of Animal Welfare’s formulation of the standard stressing animal welfare set a series of standard for Farmland Animal Welfare Requirements. It was issued by China Association for Standardization. Currently, the welfare standard for raw pig, meat cattle, meat sheep, egg laying hen, meat chicken has already been established, filling the blank zone in the domestic animal welfare.

. In the Aspect of Joint International Cooperation

2.1 The association cooperates with the Compassion in World Farming, based on the reality in China, launched contests activities named “Welfare Breeding Golden Pig Award” in 2014, “Welfare Breeding Golden Chicken Award” and “Welfare Breeding Golden Egg Award” in 2016. These awards are for the excellent breeding companies which satisfy the animal welfare requirements in China. Also, they give companies instructions on improvements based on relevant Animal Welfare Requirements. Since the introduction of these awards, breeding companies in China have gradually accepted and recognized the concept of animal welfare; the farmland animal welfare level in China has increased year by year. The association joins Chinese breeding companies to use its own stories to transmit friendly and caring ideas. It changed foreigners bad impression that our country does not have animal welfare, or even cruelty and abuse to animals. This also makes our countrys agricultural products establishing a new brand image in the world.

2.2 The association cooperated with World Animal Protection (WAP ) to launch Chinese Humane and Sustainable Agriculture Pig Industry Project in China. This project will guarantee welfare breeding in scaled pig farms from a technical level. The success of this project will greatly increase our countrys pig breeding techniques, so that our countrys pig breeding techniques will change from big to strong.   

2.3 Taking part in the standard work relevant to farmland animal welfare, in 2016, by the voting of ISO member countries, the association was formerly included in the ISO/TC34/ WG16 animal welfare working group China contacts. Secretary General A Yongxi was confirmed as the representative of Chinese contacts, participating in the formulation work of General Principles and Guidelines for Animal Welfare Management in the Food Chain.

2.4 As the coordinating organization of China-Europe intergovernmental cooperation projects, the association joins famous international organizations, numerous universities, research institutes, organized numerous Chinese universities and companies to report a scientific research program to the EU. This scientific research program is named “Research on Alternative Production Systems to Address the Abuse of Antibiotics and Their Adverse Effects on Animal Welfare and Human Health.”

Ⅲ. In the Aspect of Domestic Cooperation

3.1 China Animal Welfare and Livestock and Poultry Products Quality Security Forum was held once a year by the association. Up till now, it has been held for five times. The forum includes domestic and foreign livestock industry experts and excellent companies, which gives recommendations on green development of the industry. It has become a flag of Chinas animal welfare. Gradually, the association has developed into conducting professional techniques promotion from the transmission of concepts.

3.2 With the support of Inner Mongolian government, the association has started Inner Mongolian farmland and husbandry animal welfare research project, in cooperation with Inner Mongolia Academy of Agricultural & Animal Husbandry Sciences. The project focuses on the development characteristics of inner Mongolian husbandry industry, starts farmland investigations and construction for welfare sample areas in a contextualized way. This program is highly praised by United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization officials.

3.3 The association worked with United Nations Food and Agriculture Program (FAO) to dominate a First World Farmland Animal Welfare Conferenceon 12-13, October, 2017. This is a symbolic issue for China and the world to integrate ideologically. The conference will extend the fruits and will be held once every year.

The association will help those firms with good will get paid by way of creating welfare products selling ends. The association makes the companies with social responsibilities to get involved, Alibaba set animal welfare special zone on Tmall official set firstly. Also. It promotes the concept ofresponsible consumption. This will help animal welfare to make a marked step in product selling in China.

Agency head: A Yongxi

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